Lost my mojo


Wow, the last time i wrote here was over a year ago. I guess i just could not find my blogging mojo last year.

Life has turned 360 degrees for me. I got married in February this year to my childhood friend. We've known each other for almost eighteen year. I remember feeling so scared that i might end up alone and not finding someone to spend the rest of my life with. It's crazy what can happen in a year and the changes that you're gonna have to go through. I think when it comes to finding the one, when you know, you know and when the time comes, you'll embrace it. No need to worry to much about it :)

We were also surprised with a great news this year. We're expecting our first baby and they're twins, Alhamdulillah therefore the main reason i'm blogging again is because i have always wanted to document my pregnancy journey. I contemplated to write at the beginning but i guess if i don't write it down i won't have a written memories of this beautiful journey.

i hope this writing mojo stays throughout the pregnancy and mommyhood. Too ambitious but not impossible ;p

May Allah ease everything, InshaAllah :)
I am gonna write about my first trimester experience in the next post, InshaAllah.

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